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Monthly Archives: October 2017

We are hoping that after half term Willow will be attending nursery everyday. Sarah has adapted one of our dolls to give her a tracheotomy. This doll is to help us explain to your children about Willow and her needs. We have talked about how we breathe in and out of our nose and mouth, explaining that Willow cannot do that so she has the special tube in her neck. Your children have been practising to recognise that the blowing of a whistle means they have to move to another area when there is an emergency. Although she will have 1-1 care your children have been made aware that Willow is not being able to drink fluids, play with water, playdough, paint or sand. They have also been told that under no circumstances can anyone touch her tracheotomy tube as it is dangerous for her.

With all this information your child might come to talk to you about it. If you would like to know more or would like to use the doll to support your talk with your child then please just ask. You could even talk to mum who would be more than happy to explain things in more depth to you.


We look forward to sharing our playdough disco with you at our circle-time on 20th October. 11.10 for morning parents and 2.55 for the afternoon parents. We look forward to sharing our songs and fun with you.