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Monthly Archives: May 2014

We have had such a great day on our summer trip to Twin Lakes with some of our children and parents today. We didn’t have any rain until we got off the coach back at school. It was such fun!! :0)



This week the staff are observing the children in their self initiated play. This helps us to find out what the children know and what their next steps need to be. But we think you as parents know your children best. What do your children really enjoy playing at home? And what do you think they are really good at? We would love to hear your thoughts.

We have enjoyed the sunny weather so far this week. Lots of us have been playing in the water outside to help keep ourselves cool. We hope it stays nice for our trip on Thursday – fingers crossed!!


We would really love to see some comments from our lovely parents. We hope you are enjoying visiting our blog but would love to hear from you. We hope by sharing the pictures with your children, you will then be able to talk to them about what they have been learning in nursery. We would love to hear some feedback. Many thanks Mrs Smith :0)