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We have had a great day making a surprise for our mums. Thank you to all the dads and grandparents who came to support their child.


Science week

Today we made some paper bag kites and ran around the playground to make them fly. Storm Gareth helped us and even took a couple of kites over the houses.

Exploding coke

This was great but it only worked once. The mints made the bubbles in the coke all excited and want to escape the bottle quickly.

Science week

Today we have been exploring ice, watching a bottle of coke erupt and making our hair stand on end.

Science week

Well we began our busy week with a story about Issa and her journey to her friend’s house. We learnt the simple science behind modes of transport.

Here we are exploring floating and sinking. We tried to predict what would happen and then we marked next to the picture on our list. Great scientists.

Some of our favourite books

World book day 2019

Thank you to all the parents that have dressed their children up for our world book day of fun; they all looked great 👍🏻